Ksenia Ivanova
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Momento - UX/UI, Service Design

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Momento Restaurant Test Kitchen 


10 WEEKS, Spring 2018


Team Members
Esther Kim

Momento is a restaurant, test kitchen focused on on creating cultural appreciation through food and storytelling. Momento’s test kitchen service gives chefs an opportunity to test and perfect their recipes in an environment with low financial and time risks. The restaurant features a different region every rotation lasting at least a few months. Each rotation, it gives the opportunity for the featured chef to tell a story and intent behind his or her food. Our website features an overview of the current journey, in this case, Korea, an introduction to the chef, as well as the menu for guests to look at to plan their visit.

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Service Design

The underlying foundation of Momento as a test kitchen service, is vital to its success as a rotating theme restaurant. We conducted both primary and secondary research, reaching out to chefs and doing market analysis on existing services. We created personas for both the visitor and chefs.



How it Works...

  • The chef comes in after picking the basic vision of their journey and intended recipes, for 1-2 weeks
  • Momento curates everything based on the selected region
  • It provides the chef with essentially everything that’s needed (ingredients, staff, space, etc.)
  • After the chef leaves the restaurant continues to execute his or her vision for 2-4 months


The Website

To present Momento as a conceptual service design, we created a website that would host all the necessary information to tell the story behind both the food journey as well as the service design. Our work, including the website prototype created in Framer, was also featured in the UW Design Show Exhibition in June 2018, you can look at it here

For the website I did the copy writing the tell the story. To tell a cohesive story and have quality food, we took photos and videos of the food at Girin, a Korean restaurant in Seattle. The featured chef is a persona we created. 



The curation of Momento's space based on the featured country, allows it adapt to any theme. We realized that it's essential that it has an elegant and minimalistic, yet recognizable brand.