Ksenia Ivanova
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Indulge Recipes - UI



Indulge a Recipe App for Baked Goods


1 Week, fall 2016

Annabelle Gould for Typography (DESIGN 376)

Indulge is a clean and sophisticated dessert recipe app for iOS. It uses a sophisticated color palette, but keeps a bit of a playful look and feel that it uses with the imagery. It also focuses on giving the user some basic functionalities such as easy measurement conversions, bookmarking, and sharing capabilities. The prompt was to create screens of a recipe app of your choice with a landing view, a view for the full recipe, and a table of measurements for a mobile phone. Primarily focusing on the development of a strong typographic hierarchy within a small space where touch is the primary form of interaction. This is a revised version of the original design.

 Main Views

Main Views

 Looking Through the Ingredients

Looking Through the Ingredients

Primary Functions

Indulge is a curated recipe experience in which the editors try crowdsourced recipes from bloggers, individuals, and from websites. It includes a section that is tailored to the users profile as well as “explore,” which gives access to all the recipes. When looking at the recipe section, an overview, ingredients, and instructions. In the overview, it links the recipe back to the original source.

(This demo was created using Framer as an interactive prototype)



Indulge engages with audiences that are adapted to a social media rich environment, and makes searching for the best baking recipes from popular social media a breeze. 



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