Ksenia Ivanova

AccessMap Preferences - UX/UI


AccessMap Preferences and Onboarding (Ongoing)


6 months, Fall 2017/WINTER 2018

Anat Caspi FOR Project Practicum (CSE 495)

Alexandre Mooc, Xinbei Hu (Fall), Estelle Jiang (winter)

AccessMap is a map for those with disabilities, providing routes and information to wheelchair users, cane users, and others which may have difficulties getting around. Currently, AccessMap has a limited number of preferences and no ability to save preference profiles. We modified the existing map/routing preferences to include more features, included onboarding tutorials and information, as well as incorporated a feature that would allow users to an create account and save profiles. The prompt was to focus on fully planning a profile onboarding scenario, including both the ‘first time visitor’ tutorial as well as exact format in which routing preferences are organized and communicated. Some of these features are ready for development, and will soon be implemented, others will require user testing and refinement. 



The original user interface lacked essential features and had a series of pain points.



iPhone X white Copy 43123.png


Incline grade is not a commonly understood unit, like temperature or distances. Our goal is to help new users identify their incline preferences in an easy, understandable, and feasible way.





What we'll be testing...

  • Accuracy in providing a correct representation of desired and maximum incline preferences

  • Understandability of the process

  • Accuracy of users being able to remember and identify streets and their difficulty levels




Moving Forward

As a part of our final deliverables for Winter Quarter we created a created a survey and usability test plan to conduct and submitted our proposal as part of an IRB request. We also presented the work we had already finished at an event to other classes focusing on accessibility and to others attending the event. 

For Spring Quarter the next steps to moving forward are: 

  • Send out the completed survey and gather participants for usability testing

  • Make revisions on usability test plan and interface based on survey findings (validate or invalidate some of the assumptions we had to make)

  • Some features are ready for development, provide specs to developers

  • Usability testing for preferences menu (Framer prototype) and the incline tutorial (paper prototype)

  • Create mobile version of the design

  • Make revisions based on the results of usability test